The Barfighter
The Barfighter

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A witty, fast-paced, well-plotted addition to boxing literature with plentiful action, pungent dialogue and colorful peripheral figures ranging from Ken Kesey and Neal Cassady to a promoter who bears a resemblance to Don King. Entertaining and acutely observed-and the boxing milieu and mindset are utterly persuasive. A winner! --Kirkus Review

“Goldman brings to life the sleazy underbelly of professional boxing in the 1980s, where double crosses, thievery and cheating were commonplace. After instigating a bar brawl that leads to his arrest, former army-trained boxer and journalist Lee Cheskis lands in anger management class. There he meets Marvin, the former gangbanger who is desperate to box. Goldman's ear for dialogue and snappy pace make this latest an entertaining read, and boxing fans may recognize some of the sport's famous personalities as inspirations for the characters. Readers will root for this little band of misfits to succeed against the odds.” —Publishers Weekly

"Boxing has fallen off the professional sports map, and it’s unlikely that many readers under 40 have ever read a boxing novel. Ideally, this fine book will change that. Goldman, a columnist for Ring magazine, illuminates a largely unknown world and tells an engaging tale of redemption filled with vividly drawn characters. The Barfighter is wryly funny, insightful, and warmly human.” —Booklist

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