Seducing the Spirits

Seducing the Spirits

Seducing the Spirits

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“Anthropologist Louise Young has turned her nearly two decades working with the indigenous Kuna people of Panama into a compassionate and passion-filled debut novel of a white woman’s journey into this unique culture. Grad student Jenny Dunfrey is an ornithologist studying the harpy eagle when she’s sent off to do her research in a remote area near the Colombian border where she knows neither the language nor the culture. Her only directive: 'don’t piss off the natives'. Slowly, as Jenny makes progress on her research of the eagles, so, too, does she learn about the Kuna, who are fascinated with her: a tall, blonde American from Montana. Young does an excellent job with the supporting cast. Pedro is a protector; Litos, the devoted friend; Eulogio 'the most handsome man' Jenny has ever seen; and Ceferino, the community healer. As Jenny navigates these new friendships—and avoids the one American, a caricature of a violent white missionary—she gets herself into trouble, but also absorbs the culture in many unexpected ways. Young’s narrative is enthralling and entertaining—a decidedly fun, exotic read.” —Publishers Weekly (Book of the Week on 9/7/09)

“While at first overwhelmed by the cultural divide, Jenny is able to find comfort and friendship among some of the townspeople, although she struggles to resist handsome and mysterious Ceferino. Through their evolving relationship, the reader is able to divine the region’s dangerous and seductive beauty, and the nature of the indigenous outlook, while Jenny battles spirits that seem intent on conquering her very soul. It is clear from her gorgeous descriptions that Young knows this wild place and its people intimately. Her striking debut is a seductive, exciting, and eye-opening tale of cultural collision, revelation, and understanding.” —Booklist

"Louise Young writes in living botanical color, providing breathtaking visions of a perfect paradise. You will find yourself unable to avoid the seduction and allure she has created.” —Wisteria Leigh in

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